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I am going to start a tech blog!

August 27, 2009

And I need names. Geoff please help!

Basically it will be a blog that talks about tech stuff, anything that requires elbow grease, and basically fun stuff. Expect much ranting and sarcasm.

And probably, lots of Apple stuff as well.

Something like lifehacker meets gizmodo meets god knows what else..

I will be starting this with Jem, and so far we are going to have topics ranging from Apple (duh), to making schnapps, to basic electronics (V=IR), to cars, to DIY..

The main difference is that this blog will be more SG centric, so instead of radioshack we will have sim lim tower, instead of wallmart we will have carrefour, instead of apple NYC we will have singtel commcentre.

I’m also hoping that geoff can be part of this as well. As a guest contributor, why not man.

We can leverage wordpress for blog hosting, YouTube for video hosting, and maybe dropbox for file hosting..

And totally leverage our iPhones (Jem excluded) to do this at anytime, anywhere, whenever we are free or feel like it.

All we need now is a name. Exciting!