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I have totally no idea what to write about

August 24, 2009

Yes. There I’ve said it. I have a new blog (whoopee) and I have nothing to write about. It’s either I’m not well trained (unlike our dear Geoff) or the interface just totally isn’t conducive.

I do tho, have random things in my head that don’t deserve to have a post on it’s own. So I guess I’ll just clusterfuck everything together now.

Most awesome IM client EVER on any mobile device. If (previously is the best SMS program on any mobile device, Beejive would be so for IM.

Why? Maybe because the interface is totally like Maybe because it supports Meta contacts like Adium, so people on my IM show up as real people with real names. Maybe because it just works.

9.99USD putting you off? Why pay for an IM app when there are free ones? Well, why pay for an iPhone when you can get $0 phones? You pay peanuts and you get monkeys. Beejive is worth every dollar. In fact its push service is so stable I actually feel bad that I’m only paying them 10 bucks for life.

Wanna get it via appulous? Well go ahead, try the app for 2 weeks before they lock you out. Then you have to buy it, AND email them with your UUID, AND wait for them to pat you on the head for not stealing. 15SGD isn’t a lot of money. A beer costs $15.

It’s pretty damn good you know? Not on the Mac, I would (obviously) stick to Safari, but on the pc it lets me feel sorta 1/2 way home. Since most of my life is synced with Google anyway, running Google Calendar and Gmail off Gears as web-apps seemed like the most natural thing to do. It’s nowhere near iCal and, but 1/2 way is pretty damn good for me in this ugly world filled with start buttons. Anyway, for webkit based browsers in winblows, Gears only works on Chrome.

It is also light and fast enough to run off my thumbdrive, not like Firefox. Firefox takes like a year to start of my thumbdrive. Chrome is snappy. Bloody snappy. Just like Safari.

Google Calendars
It has  caldav support if you don’t know, so syncing events over the air on the iPhone is totally possible. And it follows your calendar colour unlike the Exchange method, which is totally good for me. I hate UI discrepancies. Why do I need this? It’s just easier to create/edit events on iCal and Google Cal than on the phone, and when I open the calendar app on the iPhone, everything will be there.

Awesome app on the Mac, even more awesome on the iPhone. For once I actually wished the Mac version had the features of the iPhone version. Yes the iPhone version has more features. Don’t believe? Go try it out. Its ads are not intrusive as well.

I can’t bloody put a chatbox on WP. WHY WHY WHY D: