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Don’t tell how exactly you got something awesome done, it becomes even more fantastic that way

December 1, 2009

When we come up with something (awesome), some (if not most) of us have a bad habit of shooting our mouths on how it was done. Realise that what you have done is suddenly not so fantastic and special anymore, especially if it was actually trivial to achieve. If you keep how you got it done a secret, the mystery magically makes what you have done even more fantastic than it actually is.

Of course you don’t just put yourself across as a snob, you can just skim the surface. Tell the person what he wants to hear.

Note: I have trouble doing this myself.


Self-praise is no praise, but that’s ok since Chinese cannot be praised anyway

November 28, 2009

You’ve heard the phrase “self-praise is no praise”. You’ve also heard that Chinese cannot be praised, or they will screw up.

Therefore, once you have done a really good job, you should quickly praise yourself before anyone else does, since nobody will (want to) praise you after you do so, preventing any negative effects of praise from occuring. And since self-praise is no praise, you won’t be inflicting the negative effects on yourself anyway.

So if you’ve ever wondered why successful Chinese are such self-praising snobs, now you know.

Let me know if this works for other races too.

Sometimes there is no need to be right, you just got to say what the other guy wants to hear.

November 14, 2009

No it’s not about being spineless, I see it as a form of manipulation. By saying what the other guy wants to hear, the end result might be what you want, be it rapport, a favour, or just for the guy to shut up.

Rather than fighting to be the one that is right, in which the only thing you gain is an ego boost, and troubles in the future.

I exercise this a lot at work to get by, but I do not do this with my friends, unless someone is being really annoying. It is very tiring and I’d rather be letting off steam while being with good company.

Random Philosophy

November 14, 2009

I’m starting a new category to input random philosophy that hits my head every once in awhile (too often to be ignored). They may be right, may be wrong, may make sense, may not.. They are results of my own reflection, and I just thought of archiving them. Maybe they can be used for a song or something useful one day..

They will be mainly just one-liners. Like Confucius said, but by me.

Is philosophy even the right word?