As you might or might not know, my band BalloonWings didn’t get into PBO, a J-Rock gig, for a simple reason:

Our singer sits down.

Well again if you didn’t know, our singer is also our drummer. So OB-FUCKING-VIOUSLY he needs to sit down.

According to the dear organiser, apparently this isn’t entertaining enough. Why? Cos it is more entertaining to have a frontman. So, he gave us an ultimatum. Have our guest singer (who is only singing one song) sing ALL our songs or we don’t get to play. We declined.

FYI, the organiser of the event, is the ex-frontman of ethe’real, which was a runner up from SuperBand.

Look what I found.

Does this look remotely entertaining to you? For FUCK‘s sake, at least our singer is making himself useful by playing the drums. What the fuck is this guy doing? He only knows how to camp at the fucking mic stand and shake. And I’m not even going to start to comment about the rest of the band.

I rest my case.


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