Separating geekery from humanism

Ok that sounded totally retarded.

Anyways, Geoff, Jem and I have created a tech blog to post our tech musings, please visit us at

Now, you have three times as much geekery at a single place. And this blog will be more about my own personal non-tech musings. More human stuff.

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8 Responses to “Separating geekery from humanism”

  1. Geoff Liang Says:

    ah boy. spell separate sala.

  2. Geoff Liang Says:

    and so we’re live?

    • YK Says:

      yes, and no. yes as in you can prolly google us, no as in I’ve not been going around telling people yet.

  3. sebas Says:

    maybe u can cover how to get bit perfect audio and how to set up hdmi for hd 😀

  4. sebas Says:

    ops i meant xbmc

  5. sebas Says:

    no i cant cuz its stuck to the wall now rofl

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