What the flip, white cat

Seriously, what the flip. Being the first Mac OS to be “fully 64-bit”, and the best feature should be its 64-bit support. However, 64-bit has been a disappointment so far, for me at least.

It is confusing. At one look, I have no idea whether a program is running at 32-bit or 64-bit, and if I should even bother. 32-bit apps work, but 32-bit addons don’t run on 64-bit apps. My add-ons for Safari stopped working, and the only way to get them to work again is to run Safari in 32-bit. Simple things like 32-bit screen savers totally stop working. The kernel has to run at 32-bit for legacy 32-bit drivers or every damn peripheral made by someone other than Apple will stop working.

This makes Snow Leopard not any more 64-bit than Leopard was. The only difference is that the system apps are 64-bit. Not even the iLife apps are 64-bit. And yet, there are much more compatibility issues compared to the transistions of PPC to Intel, or Tiger to Leopard.

I am only falling in love with Snow Leopard for the new Dock Expose, the more responsive Finder, and its more finished look. Other than that, the so-called underlying improvements have been a bag of hurt so far.

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6 Responses to “What the flip, white cat”

  1. Geoff Liang Says:

    how the when the what the real or pirate?

  2. Geoff Liang Says:

    does add book allow calls and smses via iphone?

  3. YK Says:

    It looks the friggin’ same. 64-bit tho, if you needed to know. Just in case it has to load a 4.1GB RAW image of somebody’s fuck face.

  4. Geoff Liang Says:

    u paid 49 bucks for it?

  5. YK Says:

    don’t tell you.

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