Testing comments display

If you look on the right I have 2 different ways to display comments: one is WP’s built in comments, the other is via an RSS feed.

The built in one is not customisable, it does not show the contents of the comments, but it doesn’t take up much space.

The RSS feed is more customisable, it is able to show the contents of the comments, but it takes up quite a bit of space, especially if the comments are long.

Which do you think is better?


5 Responses to “Testing comments display”

  1. Geoff Liang Says:

    customise it so it just shows name and content. now u’ve got your ‘cbox’.

    although, i’ve always thought post specific comments are more relevant; sometimes you dunno which post was the comment in cbox referring to.

    • YK Says:

      which is basically my RSS comments wad. and then there’s the post title in it as well so it’s relevant to the post.

      I’d still like a cbox because it’s less intimidating for users who don’t know better, i.e. most of my friends. you can just shove in your name and message and boom, it’s there.

      right now there is the extra step of having to click into the post, and having the email thing just makes people think they need to create an account and log in, I guess.

  2. Geoff Liang Says:

    oh yes that’s true. i really prefer to see the comment though i think the rss option has too much info.

    and u’ve been wanting to put my blogroll as that for quite a while now haven’t you? lol.

    • YK Says:

      if only I could truncate the RSS content a little earlier than that huge chunk.. but WP offers no such setting. oh well

      and yea, yes I have. MUAHAHAHAHA

  3. shamballa9944 Says:

    how did you get the comments to show up? thanks for your help!

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