WordPress’ design looks very Apple inspired. I like.

But what’s the difference between Categories and Tags? I’m confused now.

Anyway, I got myself a WP account just so I can blog on the go, with the WP iPhone app. I’m such a sucker.



2 Responses to “wow.”

  1. Geoff Liang Says:

    lol. i use it too.

    think of categories like consistent ways to organise your posts. but tags are ad hoc (birthdays, japanese food), or also can be general keywords that are spread across categories (apple, videos, fail)

    think about it like tags help you search easier with more descriptive keywords that you don’t want to designate as a complete category.

    altho bro, you might want to get rid of the default things that came along with WP. they’ve been overused to bits.

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