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Looks like I might just skip the GS..

June 22, 2009

Why? Cos it’s pointless, once I can afford one, half a year later a better one is going to come out. I might as well wait till then. By then my contract should be 7-7-8-8 already, so I should be able to upgrade my phone without worries.

What can happen next WWDC? I don’t know, front facing camera, and a xenon flash? iChat? Who knows?
And seriously, besides the speed bump, I really don’t find the other features worth the trouble (and the money). I am really paying the extra god knows how much to load peggle that 5-10s faster. Although I seriously wish that my phone was a little (much) faster, I bet iPhone firmware 4.0 will make the 3GS crawl as well, and by then it will be iPhone 4G or 3GSS or some fuckshit, claiming that everything loads in no time at all, boasting PS3 quality graphics at 60FPS. I wish. LOL.

Why the new product line up is trash

June 11, 2009

I think only 2 of you who read my blog is gonna know what I’m gonna talk about next. Lol.

Anyway, it’s about WWDC. Yes the camping on the live blog was exciting for that night, but when day broke and I woke up, I can’t help to think, that god damnit, the product line this WWDC is so damn stopgap.
It’s like they have something really great in the labs but they couldn’t push it out in time and so they just shove ‘new’ products in our face just because we were expecting something.
I mean, look at it. The product lines are completely messed up now. The only MacBook left is the white one, which they were supposed to phase out early this year. So when it’s finally time for it to go, then what? Their notebook line will only consist of MacBook Pros? That does not make sense. They obviously have a product line that had to go somewhere but they flatly missed the mark and just had to make do.
And then the 3GS. What the hell. Again, what is the damn difference between the 3G and the S besides the point that it’s faster and has all the extra whatever under the hood? It’s really as though they couldn’t make the iPhone 2 in time and figured what the heck, let’s just take 1/2 of the iPhone 2 and shove it into a 3G case and make do for now.
The only thing I liked about Monday was the new 7 hour batteries for the ‘Pros’. That’s it. 2 hours of keynote and the only takeaway point was the battery. Nice.
And the 15″ MBP without discrete graphics? WTF? MBP gay edition? No longer can you tote a 15″ MBP around feeling smug about yourself at StarBucks when you know that there is a shitty version out there that looks exactly like yours. Like a fake LV bag. I really pity the suckers who bought the 1st gen 15″ unibodies cos there is no product differentiation anymore.
You see, the 13″ was fine you know, small, chic and cute. Didn’t matter if it didn’t have a lot of horsepower, it was still better than Intel Integrated anyway. But what the hell is a crippled 15″ MBP doing there? Bastard child of Apple? It’s big, looks fierce, and it has no balls. A Ferarri with a Honda engine. It should have been a 15″ MacBook joining the 13″ MacBook family and not the other way around. Seriously, the only unique difference between the 2 lines now is the fucking battery. And the aluminium.
And, all the removable HDD and battery nonsense for nothing. All gone in 1 generation. Not that it was a good design, I’ve always found it clunky. But still, with all the hype back then, wth man.
Jobs, please come back soon. We miss you.