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April 26, 2009

Wtf, BSS just received a C&D for FMA:B. And supposedly everyone else subbing it too. How the fuck am I going to watch it now? Not like the fail remake was a bad enough disappointment already.


massive thoughts

April 20, 2009

I’ve been thinking, or maybe have been troubled, for some time now. Some of you might know what predicament I’m in, maybe most. If you don’t, it’s about this:

I’ve got myself into this shit by wanting to do too many things at one time. But I can’t help it when none of them are moving, I can’t just sit and wait. I’ve been looking for a job, applying for school, looking for a serious band, and starting a business with my friends.
So the thing now is, none of them are moving along. And I’m becoming irritated. Maybe because I haven’t been giving my fullest attention on any one of the above, choosing to spread my focus among all 4 and hoping that at least one will be successful. Maybe because I’m greedy. Maybe because I’m undecided. I don’t know.
Out of the four, 2 of them are putting up a tough fight now, getting a job, and the business. I can’t put my fullest attention into looking for a job because of the business, and I can’t put my fullest attention on the business because I’m looking for a job. It’s shitty. It’s a fucking shitty cycle. And I can’t make up my mind to focus on one.
One thing, I’ve always wanted to do what I’m going to do for my business. It’s a good potential source of income, but I definitely won’t be making much, or any, till much later. I need to eat, I need to buy things, I need money. That’s why I want to get a job. So I can get instant monthly income. It’s not what I like, but I do get paid. But if I do this, I will barely have time for the business, not to mention the other 2 things in my life as well, band and music studies.
But I need the money. Or want? I don’t know. There’s a saying that there must be sacrifice to get what you want. And I believe sacrifice will definitely come with suffering. But you see, I don’t mind the suffering, but I just don’t want the people around me to suffer with me as well. Leila, for having to pay for my meals all the time. My parents, for having to pay for my living expenditures and having to tell their friends and colleagues that their son is useless and jobless.
And on top of that, to put it in an even more twisted way, I’ve got to sacrifice getting a job for the business, or sacrifice the business and musical passion, to get a job.
That’s the question. In life, you can’t have both.

Think different

April 9, 2009

Hell yeah. I’m being offered a job at Dell selling computers. Every Winshit I sell, one less Mac buyer. 😀

My White iPhone is spawning cracks

April 4, 2009

Fuck. Just barely a month from my last replacement my new iPhone is spawning hairline cracks all over. Should I replace it again?

EDIT: SingTel gave me a new one again. But for something else, because my screen wasn’t flushed to the bezel. I think I’m not going to care anymore, till the new iPhone comes out then I shall bug AppleCare to give me the new model..