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oh shi-

February 24, 2009

Safari 4 beta is out. And it looks pretty fantastic.

More on it here
First impressions, pretty impressive, but not flawless. But as everything Apple, it makes the old look like antique almost immediately, no matter how much you dislike the new.
Example, here I am trying to accept the tabs that are now all the way on top, being so hard to click and all, going back to my Macbook looking at good ol’ Safari 3 I can’t help but to feel that the tab area looks way fatter than in Safari 4. Safari 3 actually looks old.
Not all 3rd party plugins work. Inquisitor doesn’t work (cry). 1Password works after some .plist hacking, thankfully.
You can finally customise the behaviour of opening new tabs and windows! You can make new tabs load the current page you’re looking at like the good old shit of an IE6, or whatever you want, actually! Home page, same page, empty page or bookmarks. Note that in Safari 3 it defaults to empty page and you can’t do jack schitt about it.
It’s faster than 3, but probably because it’s new. Living in an uncluttered location on my hard drive maybe. Can’t say much about memory, got to use it for 2 days without closing it to tell. But as it is it’s already running 200MB with 5 tabs.
Dragging of tabs is a BITCH. You have to aim. Very well. You can’t drag the tabs like before, clicking anywhere you want. Only in the right corner, in a specified place.
I’ll see how long I can live with this, but with the impending Snow Leopard, if they are going to stick with this UI, I will need to get used to it, and fast.
Oh and did I say it looks a little like Firefox 3? No? Well ok I just said it then. Shame on you Apple, shame on you.


February 3, 2009