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The colour of apple

January 30, 2009

.. is not black, nor is it silver, nor is it bondi blue….

It is White.             

I just realised I have not post pics of my new pedalboard yet..

January 28, 2009
It didn’t come in such a nice condition tho, so I had to reupholster it.. with this!
INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH! It looks very nice tho, like carpet..
The other side of the pedals are stuck with this..
So yeah, they stick like glue. I can flip the thing around and the pedals won’t drop off. If you’re lucky you will get to see it next jamming!
(it’s bloody fucking heavy tho)

Best Vuze replacement so far

January 26, 2009

It’s been nagging me, Vuze taking up 300MBs of memory and sometimes more, on my old iMac with only 2GB of ram. 2GB is little nowadays, how fast time flies. Anyway, Vuze absolutely kills my iMac. It beachballs my Mac to no end. So today, during spring cleaning, I decided to take up a solution suggested by Jem: uTorrent.

Well if you are an avid pirate, you should know that uTorrent was bought over by BitTorrent, a completely legal, legit company, sometime back. That doesn’t make it very safe, but it is the fastest and most lightweight client on windows. So recently, after the cows finally came home (hey, Lunar New Year, happy year of the cow guys) they released a supposedly kick ass Mac version. I remember Jem hyping about it “it has RSS downloading and it’s really fast!” so I decided to give it a try.
Then I realised, the hard way why people always say not to follow hype.
First of all, there is no RSS downloading in sight. RSS downloading only existed for a little while on a leaked pre-release alpha build. It’s beta now, and it’s not there. But what was true, was that uTorrent is pretty damn snappy, and barely took up 30MBs of memory.
So fine, no RSS downloading, I can live with workarounds. Stumbled upon a program called TV Shows, where you just choose what show you want and from which episode you want to watch it from and it will download the torrent files for you, once they are available. The version on that link doesn’t work but this dude fixed it. Pretty damn cool, works better than Vuze. +1!
Now I don’t only watch TV shows, I watch anime too. So I need something that can handle generic RSS downloading for me, and I found Automatic. Automatic works roughly the same way as how Vuze’s RSS downloading works, so that’s good enough for me. Oh, both TV Shows and Automatic has options to open your torrent files for you, so they start automatically.
All’s well, well almost, till I realised, uTorrent does not have web administration. I mean, what if I need to download something and I’m not at home? I’ve always loved Vuze’s web administration, and I can’t live without it.
Then I remembered an old gem: Transmission. It is a BT client that I believe, originated on the Mac. Popped by the site to take a look after this long while, from all the google results of people comparing Transmission to uTorrent.
I must say, I did not use Transmission back then as I couldn’t select files within a torrent to download. It’s such a simple feature and they didn’t have it. But they have it now. And because it originated from the Mac (I believe so) it is the only BT client that fits the UI of the Mac. Simple, sleek and informative. It is also extremely lightweight, much like uTorrent. So I gave it a shot, and WOW. It does everything uTorrent can do, and looks much better. AND, it has a web interface that looks EXACTLY like the Mac interface. Not even Vuze can match that. Also, it has built in peer filtering, with a list that is consistently updated from the intarwebs, just like Vuze can. That’s 2 to nil for Transmission against uTorrent. Together with TV Shows and Automatic, Transmission just supplants uTorrent. This solution is better than Vuze too, if any portion of Vuze fails you can’t just replace it, you got to live with it.
If you use a Mac, give Transmission a shot. It’s pretty damn good.

Please guys, use GTalk

January 25, 2009

Guys, replace MSN with GTalk. MSN is passe. And you don’t even need to create an account if you are cool and already have a gmail account. On Macs, you can use Adium. On windows, I bet there is a windows client. Dump MSN man.

This is amusing and informative at the same time

January 21, 2009

I never knew there was such a detailed categorization of shit.

“The Bristol Stool Scale or Bristol Stool Chart is a medical aid designed to classify the form of human feces into seven categories.” –Wikipedia

Finally a decent contender to the iPhone..

January 16, 2009

Fuck man the Palm Pre is really sweet.. It aggregates all your contacts from everywhere into a single, simple interface, from Facebook to Gmail to Exchange. It also aggregates all your conversations into a single interface, be it IM or SMS, so you can SMS or MSN someone from the same window and it looks like 1 flowing conversation. Yes it also aggregates your calendars from everywhere. UI wise, it can do everything the iPhone can do- swipes, pinching, etc. And it’s actually smoother. And guess what, it can multitask. The only thing that will be lacking will be powerful third party apps because the API is HTML CSS and JS, but that might just change, who knows.

So what is it going to be, to be stuck on Apple as a stuck-up fanboy or go on to something better? Palm was the 1st ever PIM I’ve ever used and it made my life so much better (before it died on me, and then the company died as well). Now they finally come up with something that is as wonderful and exciting as my Palm V. Funny thing is that it doesn’t have the same charm the iPhone gave when it 1st came out.. Maybe it was the Reality Distortion Field..

My newly refurbished room!

January 5, 2009

It’s not as pathetic as before now. Still pathetically small, but at least it’s finally pleasant.

A pity I don’t have any before pictures to show you how pathetic it used to be, it was so hideous I couldn’t even bear to take any photos of it lest the camera breaks. Anyway, try to imagine it without the blinds, without the rug, and with an ugly toilet-like florescent circle-light on the ceiling. Took me quite a bit to get the blinds on, I used cable tie, but the end result is great. Yes, it works flawlessly. 😀 Blinds, rug, ceiling lamp and lamp shade courtesy of IKEA.