I still consider you my friend

Just that I won’t trust you anymore. And I hope that after reading and realising what I’ve said, everyone else will stop trusting you too. Which is fair, since you don’t trust anybody anyway.

Do not onto others what you do not want others to do unto yourself.

PS: To all you other readers out there, if you don’t understand what’s going on, don’t worry. You will understand once it happens to you.
PSS: To all those who asked.. what about the friendship? Let me put it this way.. I gave him my absolute trust and friendship, and yet all he did was to wear a mask, pretended to be my best friend, while instigating things to go against me behind my back. So what makes of this friendship? This friendship didn’t exist at all, it only existed in my head. It was what he wanted me to believe. He doesn’t even consider me his best friend.
But I still consider him my friend, because this friendship did exist once, before everything happened. Maybe about 3 years back. But I guess it’s long gone.

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