I really wonder how I can be the one that betrayed you, when you were the one who took her away from me. And not only that, you failed to take care of her, failed to keep her in control, blaming the reasons on everyone else but yourself. I was trying to get back with her, to correct the wrongs, but it was too late for me to do anything. And this, to you is betrayal? So when you took her away, when you fail to give her happiness, you didn’t betray me? And I didn’t even bring it up. I took it like a good friend, that maybe things just weren’t meant to be. I didn’t blame you. I never did. Now you turn around and blame me instead, on the pretext that I backstabbed you? When it was you who did so to me?

And what about the band. Every single band I have, you tell me it won’t make it. Is it your so called intuition, or that you just don’t want me to succeed? You destroyed TEG, what we have built up for so long. You planted hate and discord among us so we would fight and destroy ourselves slowly. Made us stop doing covers knowing that we like to do covers. Made us do originals that we can never do. Made us irritated with a sloppy drummer that actually isn’t sloppy at all. There’s also a reason why we stopped gigging. Cos you hate to gig.
And then when Jason left, you told the rest of the band that TEG is no more, without my consent or knowledge. True that I grew sick and tired of the band, but as we all can see, it was all your doing. And deep inside, no matter what you do, I’ve always wanted to give the band a chance. I never wanted the band to split.
And what about my new band? That won’t make it too? Once again you are trying to plant hate and sow discord among us, telling me how bad gene is, how bad rico is. Trying to influence me to dislike or hate them. Leaving the band and then telling me the band won’t make it.
Telling my girlfriend that I betrayed you, trying to paint an ugly picture of me. You try to destroy my bands, and that’s not enough, and you have to try to destroy my relationship as well. As though destroying my previous relationship and previous band wasn’t enough, you have to try to destroy every subsequent one.
And yet I’m the one who betrayed you.

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