Laziest Mac user of the century

And that’s me. Look what I got for my iMac:

So. WTF is this? It is a media center program called XBMC, which originated from the Xbox, and now it’s available for almost every single platform. Even the Apple TV. Basically what it does is it categorizes all your movies and TV shows, automatically. Even Anime. Yes, it’s AUTOMATIC. So I just put the files at the right places, and it will detect them, and download the cover art, plot synopsis, and episode summaries, and put them sort them nicely, as above. So all I need to do is fire it up, arm myself with the remote, and pig out. Wonderful.
And to top it all up, I installed Quicksilver on my iMac again. Spotlight is just too friggin slow. Yes, I’m the laziest fucking Mac user ever.

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