Terminal elbow grease, again!

Yes, something on my system screwed up, again! I couldn’t move my ~/Pictures folder over to my newly created partition for backing up. Finder kept complaining that there was a problem with the file, but question was: which file? Finder’s really smart for not telling me, so after some digging around, I realised some duplicate files iPhoto created were somehow corrupted. Those I rotated, cropped, resized, whatever. So I went looking for them, with this.

cd ~/Pictures/iPhoto\ Library/
find . -name *_2.JPG
A few idiots showed up, but the modified files are fine, just those that are lingering in the originals folder, where they shouldn’t be anyway. So,
find ./Originals/ -name *_2.JPG
Lesser idiots showed up, and there were everywhere, and I didn’t want to delete them by hand. So,
find ./Originals/ -name *_2.JPG -exec mv {} ~/Desktop/ \;
Just in case I needed them later. Now, everything goes over. Finally. Apple needs to get their act together.

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