Why the iPhone 3G sucks

The iPhone 3G sucks. Really. The most hyped up phone you’ve always wanted is a pile of trash. And let me tell you why.

Glass screen. Like wtf. Where are my buttons. Where is my plastic screen. A plastic screen is so much better than glass. Plastic doesn’t shatter. This is a step backwards in phone design!
3D games. Only now? Even my old Pentium 2 machine could play 3D games!  And it can’t even play CS. What the hell.
3G. What the heck is that shit. 3.6mbps. Which phone only has 3.6mbps? This is so 10 years ago! Even my StarHub cable runs at 6mbps! That’s nearly TWICE the speed! 3.6mbps is so damn SLOW!
Push email. This is absolutely retarded. Who the hell needs this? I don’t want my phone to be informing me of every email I receive. Use internet explorer to log in to hotmail check email man. That’s the way email should be. Push email is so uncool.
Battery life. The battery on the iPhone only has 1 day of battery life with heavy usage! 1 day! And with heavy usage meaning surfing on Safari, and watching YouTube. I mean that’s just miserable! Which phone only has 1 day of battery with Safari and YouTube usage?
SMS conversations. What the fuck is this shit? I can’t mass delete SMS! I can’t even delete individual SMS! This is so damn backward! Having separate inbox and sent folders is so much better! Not being able to consistently go back and forth between inbox and sent totally kills the SMS experience! SMSing feels just like instant messaging now, and if I wanted to IM I can just use Windows Live! Messenger right? Why do I want to SMS?
GPS. Google maps is free. What the hell! I prefer Nokia N95’s GPS, you got to pay! Things you pay for are ALWAYS better than things for free. And it has a plastic screen, buttons, and all the fantastic things a phone should have. Don’t get the iPhone man. Be cool, buy the N95.
There are a million other things that I can’t think off now. But whatever it is, just don’t get an iPhone. Or a mac. Apple sucks. Like totally. Microsoft and Nokia is the way to go.
EDIT: Apparently some people just can’t get the sarcasm. But, some of the things I posted above are actually what some people say of the iPhone, especially of the SMS feature. The purpose of this post is twofold: to show how stupid windows users are, and to dissuade potential stupid windows users to buy the iPhone. The Apple brand is diluted enough by these stupid windows users, and I would like to maintain my elite status of a Mac user. I don’t want Apple to be the next hp or acer, although they seem to be tending towards that path.
Although I didn’t expect it, this post has also shown it’s third purpose: to reveal the stupid windows users who claim to be Mac converts, diluting the Apple brand, like the really clever boy who posted in my tagboard. Dude, if you can’t contain your raging hormones and use your brain to think, you don’t deserve to be a Mac user. 🙂

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