shit, shower, sleep.

I’m finally done with EE2001. The final presentation is later, and we are the last group. Means more sleep for me.. sorta. We are intending to head down to lab at about 1 to stress the other teams.. and to kpo a bit. I got a feeling they put the better teams at the end for some kind of closing ceremony for the lecturers, but the guys think otherwise. Oh what do I know. Anyway, the presentation and video is *awesome* Jem is uploading the vid to utoob so you guys can see it soon, I hope. Take it as some sorta explanation for my disappearance for the last 2-3 weeks, and I hope you will be impressed. I really really hope. I’ve not been having any proper sleep nor proper social life the past 2 weeks and if you guys aren’t impressed with what I’ve came up with I’ll be.. well, very very very sad. 😦 If I get an A for this module I guess I’ll stay on, if not I’ll need to report back to camp to catch mas selamat for 1 month. Damn sian.

Anyway, this is a formal apology for all whom I’ve neglected for the past 2-3 weeks, Eugene, Fi, Wan, Jason, Sebas, and of course my dear bee bee.. So so sorry for not being around and not knowing what’s going on, I’ll talk to you guys soon k? Once I get my brain back.
Anyway a little tid bit of what I was doing, here’s my baby for the last 3 weeks:
It’s an electronic boarding pass, to replace the normal paper one. Wirelessly updatable, built in alarm to remind you to board the plane, able to alert you of changes in flight timing, and is also able to warn you of emergencies like fire and terrorist attacks. An uber boarding pass if you’d like. Can’t cook or clean your house yet tho. Oh it can display advertisements too. Haha. Once I post the video you can see it at work.
EDIT: Video is out! (Now in HD)
Buttttttttttttt. I was not really busy working on this bugger, it was already done since a long time ago. It’s because of one particular team member of ours, who can’t get anything done right. I, along with Jem and Josh had to complete her part for her, which is actually very simple, but also very integral to the project, and is also very tedious to do. Not that I want to bitch about her, but if only she was just a tad bit more competent, we would have been able to have a lot more sleep. A lot lot lot more sleep. The 3 of us, sacrificing our sleep to finish her part when we could have had rested like a long time ago, while she she can ‘trip’ and almost fall while sitting on a sofa. Like how right. She was nodding off la. If only she could do things in tandem with us, we could’ve have finished everything together much earlier. But it’s not that she didn’t do anything for us tho. She helped us settle nearly all of our admin work, like filing. So it’s not all that bad. But I would have loved to be able to sleep more. 😡
I shant crap anymore, I miss my bed. Will talk to you guys soon, I’m back. Haw. Sunday jam? 😀

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