:D:D I brought Leila to a trip up to the sky on our 10 month anniversary.. My friend Josh’s a pilot so he offered to bring us up.. Here’s the plane, on a lazy saturday morning at seletar runway:

It’s a cessna, bravo oscar quebec.
We were waiting around the runway while Josh was running checks on the plane before flight..
Bee bee was being generally very happy.. πŸ˜›

Josh checking his plane..
Bee was NOT checking the plane πŸ˜›
After awhile, we were ready to fly! Everyone had headsets so we could hear each other talk in the sky as it would be really noisy..
Josh doing some final checks..
Ready to go!
Take off!!
The view was damn nice up there la! That was seletar resort or something..

Everything looks so tiny up here!
Silly bee was grinning most of the way πŸ˜›
So was I..
Oo I made Josh find bee’s house.. Heh and we found it! I think I might have a shot of woodlands interchange too, it’s super tiny la. We were just there just the day before..
EDIT: here it is! Causeway point, all the way at the bottom:
With the bus interchange and mrt station and all.. So small!
This is Malaysia..
After landing we went to Jalan Kayu for prata, then we went to Yishun to look for guinea pigs. On the way we tried to look like one.. Leila started it, she insists I look like a guinea pig -.-

After reaching there we didn’t want to go back there again as it’s too out of the way so we bought one. Meet beh tay/piggy/pigpig/porky/pokpok:
Look like meh. -.-
Piggy’s a brat la. He loves running around my room and finding spots where I can’t reach him. Can’t wait for him to grow big and fat and lazy. πŸ˜› Bee bee and I love him, and mommy loves him too! He fell asleep in my mom’s hands just now. So cute πŸ˜› He’s not in the red pail anymore cos he found a way to climb out of it. He’s damn naughty la. So he’s temporarily in my mesh dustbin now. It looks nice but it’s a little too small for him. Got Leila’s old cage, will clean it up tomorrow and put him in his new and bigger home. And I think we’ve spoilt him already, he keeps wheeking for my attention now, even as I type this, and when I go over to pet him he will purr and be a happy little brat. Haha he’s such a cute critter.
Hope you enjoyed our 10 months bee! I enjoyed it a lot! πŸ˜€ May we go a long long long long way together! *hugsss* Love you bee bee! *muackssss*

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