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Dear Jason (again)

May 19, 2008

I’ve been holding this back, but I think you need to hear this now.

Me and my friends have been discussing this, about your plight in life, and we’ve all came to a common conclusion. You are gifted in drums, and music in general. Make use of it. You should know that there’s nothing else you could do better but to drum. You have been searching for the answer all along but the answer has been in front of you all these while. You have been asking from God to give you a sign, help you out, this and that, but He has already given you the answer, and all you need to succeed; your 2 legs and 2 arms. You have an incredible skill for drums, make good use of it.
How you might ask? Take lessons. Go learn the theory. I know it’s spending more money now, but in the long run it would well be worth it. Brandon teaches. Go learn from him. What can you do with this extra knowledge? You will be certified to teach. This is 1 source of income. You can be a sessionist. Play for bands, play for artistes. You have the skill, coupled with the paper no one can deny you. Bong, is Singapore’s most renowned bass player. He toured with Sun Yan Zi for 3 years. He teaches at Yamaha in the day. He plays for different bands at various locations every night. He earns $10k a month. Not saying you NEED to earn that kind of money, but hey, half of that amount isn’t too bad. A quarter of that isn’t too shabby either. In the band, you are the most talented musician. You can drum, you can sing, you can play the guitar. And yet I’m the only one that seems to be pursuing this future. The answer is right in front of you. Just forget about all your reasons and excuses and go for it.


May 7, 2008

Haven’t put anything here for some time. I usually only post when I wanna bitch about something.. Oh yea I AM going to bitch about something! My fucking physics paper is today, and guess what, I still dunno what the fuck is going on! Hoho.. I’m so screwed.. But oh well, it’s my last paper, I just hope I get a D for this shit. I don’t wanna take it again. At least I know more than last sem, if that makes things any better..