Dear Jason

I don’t see why you should be pissed, sad, or disappointed. Firstly, no one planned anything for sunday. Yes, I know sunday is band day, but nobody planned anything, and nothing was on. So we went on our merry ways. Fi was hanging out with me not as a band but as my best friend, together with me and Leila. I don’t see any wrong with that. Pardon me for being harsh, but I don’t see why you should demand to be invited.

A fool who’s contacted only when needed you say? What can we do when always, on the day itself, you ask, “Hey what are you guys doing today? Don’t mind I tag along?” How about suggesting, or planning, an outing or a meet up? At least the day before? I’m sure you have in the past, and they all worked out well didn’t they? I think it’s very fair to say that we thought you were busy because you didn’t contact us regarding meeting up on sunday for the whole WEEK. I thought Wan was busy too. I thought Is was busy too. Cos neither of them contacted me. Fi contacted me on friday. If you’re gonna ask why didn’t I ask the rest of you guys along, what’s wrong with me spending precious time with my best friend? I don’t get to talk to him much when we’re out as a band anyway, and we are always out as a band. That being said, I actually don’t get to talk to him much AT ALL. We’ve always been putting the band as priority. So why can’t we have just 1 sunday to ourselves, when we assumed everyone wasn’t free?

Seriously, I didn’t even pick on the fact that you completely forgot about my new year party and went to Aaron’s instead, when I asked you first. So I don’t see why you should be so upset about today’s incident.

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