Playing loudly without playing loudly

Today I decided to prototype my silent jamming model. I brought the mixer up to my room, and straightaway hooked my amp to it, via line out. It sounded, like ASS. Lots of superhigh frequencies I don’t want. Ok, I thought my amp was screwing with me, so I hooked my pedalboard straight to the mixer. Still, like ASS. The kind that will make fi get a migraine.
I knew that every channel on the mixer has gain, up to like 54 dB gain on this one, so I thought, why not just play my amp at a really low volume, and mic it up with super gain? So I tried that, I miced up my amp from inside the cabinet, and it sounded real good. It was my sound, at long bloody last. But damn it, it was picking up the sound of my electric guitar as well. The gain of the mic was too high. I tried cutting frequencies but it will cut the tone of my sound too. That didn’t work as well, so I thought, why not I just stuff the back of the cabinet with a pillow? That would definately cut the sound of everything outside the cab.
Then, IT HIT ME. Why not I just stuff EVERY DAMN THING with pillows. I can bring up the volume of the amp, and cut the mic gain, in case of any other external noise I will pick up, and to have a little more headroom. And I did. Walla:

That weird piece of furniture under my amp head is yes, my speaker cabinet. And shit, at volumes where my neighbours used to be able hear, is now just confined to a radius of 1m around the amp. It’s THAT SILENT. And it sounds bloody good. Hear for yourself.
Bear in mind that whatever I was playing could not be heard outside of my room.
EDIT: Fiddled around with the EQ,
Everytime I cut something, I rid of something I don’t want, but something I want gets cut away as well. Irritating. Fi you gotta teach me how to use a mixer -.-

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