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Dear Jason

April 21, 2008

I don’t see why you should be pissed, sad, or disappointed. Firstly, no one planned anything for sunday. Yes, I know sunday is band day, but nobody planned anything, and nothing was on. So we went on our merry ways. Fi was hanging out with me not as a band but as my best friend, together with me and Leila. I don’t see any wrong with that. Pardon me for being harsh, but I don’t see why you should demand to be invited.

A fool who’s contacted only when needed you say? What can we do when always, on the day itself, you ask, “Hey what are you guys doing today? Don’t mind I tag along?” How about suggesting, or planning, an outing or a meet up? At least the day before? I’m sure you have in the past, and they all worked out well didn’t they? I think it’s very fair to say that we thought you were busy because you didn’t contact us regarding meeting up on sunday for the whole WEEK. I thought Wan was busy too. I thought Is was busy too. Cos neither of them contacted me. Fi contacted me on friday. If you’re gonna ask why didn’t I ask the rest of you guys along, what’s wrong with me spending precious time with my best friend? I don’t get to talk to him much when we’re out as a band anyway, and we are always out as a band. That being said, I actually don’t get to talk to him much AT ALL. We’ve always been putting the band as priority. So why can’t we have just 1 sunday to ourselves, when we assumed everyone wasn’t free?

Seriously, I didn’t even pick on the fact that you completely forgot about my new year party and went to Aaron’s instead, when I asked you first. So I don’t see why you should be so upset about today’s incident.


Playing loudly without playing loudly

April 17, 2008
Today I decided to prototype my silent jamming model. I brought the mixer up to my room, and straightaway hooked my amp to it, via line out. It sounded, like ASS. Lots of superhigh frequencies I don’t want. Ok, I thought my amp was screwing with me, so I hooked my pedalboard straight to the mixer. Still, like ASS. The kind that will make fi get a migraine.
I knew that every channel on the mixer has gain, up to like 54 dB gain on this one, so I thought, why not just play my amp at a really low volume, and mic it up with super gain? So I tried that, I miced up my amp from inside the cabinet, and it sounded real good. It was my sound, at long bloody last. But damn it, it was picking up the sound of my electric guitar as well. The gain of the mic was too high. I tried cutting frequencies but it will cut the tone of my sound too. That didn’t work as well, so I thought, why not I just stuff the back of the cabinet with a pillow? That would definately cut the sound of everything outside the cab.
Then, IT HIT ME. Why not I just stuff EVERY DAMN THING with pillows. I can bring up the volume of the amp, and cut the mic gain, in case of any other external noise I will pick up, and to have a little more headroom. And I did. Walla:

That weird piece of furniture under my amp head is yes, my speaker cabinet. And shit, at volumes where my neighbours used to be able hear, is now just confined to a radius of 1m around the amp. It’s THAT SILENT. And it sounds bloody good. Hear for yourself.
Bear in mind that whatever I was playing could not be heard outside of my room.
EDIT: Fiddled around with the EQ,
Everytime I cut something, I rid of something I don’t want, but something I want gets cut away as well. Irritating. Fi you gotta teach me how to use a mixer -.-

iPod tools for the mac!

April 15, 2008

Thought I would share some apps here. If you need to transfer songs to and from your iPod WITHOUT iTunes, there’s a handy program called YamiPod. Only problem is that it doesn’t work with an iPhone, so there is PodWorks. Problem is that you can’t transfer music TO your iPod/iPhone with this one, only from. It does download songs straight into iTunes nicely with all the metadata though. There’s an app called Senuti that does the same thing as PodWorks but without iPhone support. So it’s PodWorks for me.

April 12, 2008


April 9, 2008
This is my favourite song from Muse. Check out the second solo. It’s mad.

Guess what came in the mail today?

April 1, 2008

Nice and fresh!
In case you’re wondering, this is why I’m getting a new laptop. Sent it in to iShop, iShop took a long time cos there was no stock for the LCD, called and screwed Apple directly. Being Apple, they offered to replace my MBP for a new one (the latest one!!) FOC. HEH.
Transferring all my data and programs with the built in user migration tool. Macs own.

No, it didn’t take 11 hours. Lol. About 2 hours later..

Tadah! Haha. Nearly 1:1! Fresh out of the box! Didn’t even have to do anything, no reinstalling of programs or any nonsense. Everything there. Down side is that I only have 50GB free out of 200 now.. Oh well. It will end up like that sooner or later anyway.