Argh I just realised I haven’t blogged about vday!! I’m so owned 😦 Anyway. Vday was damn fun! 😀 I got her flowers, and showed her the movie I made with pics from the day we met.. She was so happy she almost cried 😛 Luckily I included funny stuff here and there so she wouldn’t start bawling 😛 And guess what she got me?? ORANGE BOX!! Hahaha! Damn funny la. You would expect like maybe a bear, or chocs, but no she got me a game. HOHO. She sure knows me well 😀 Anyway the xbox is fully functional with many games, we had fun over the weekend playing like almost everything under the sun. Now all I need is more controllers and people to play!

In other news, I was zhnging my adium yesterday.
Sleek or what? 😀

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