A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A friend who helps in times of trouble is a true friend. How true this is. I am thankful for having not one, but two. My baby and fi, the only two who helped me out for my up and coming court case. Baby offered her PSP up for sale to help out, and is also taking out a significant portion out of her paycheck for me. Fi offered the same, and he cabbed all the way down to meet me even though he was in the middle of his work. Both of you are the truest, and bestest of friends anyone could ever wish for, and for that I am eternally grateful.

I shall not mention the particular individual who immediately turned me down even before I asked him for help. I was not even intending to ask him, afraid of the repercussions. Such people I need little of in my life.

It’s times of trouble that one finds his true friends. Not that I doubted any of them, but it was through this that strengthened my belief on who my true friends are. I learnt a lot too from this experience, through all the thinking I’ve done collectively for the past 2 months. I realised all the wrong doings I have been doing, and why. It’s time to get back on the ground and live a humble life.

I hope the verdict tomorrow will be alright.

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