10 reasons why you should get a DS instead of a PSP

If you are considering between a DS and a PSP, think no more. Get a DS, and below are the 10 reasons why. I’ve owned a PSP prior to the DS, so I can safely say that my comments are unbiased and the true reflection of what I feel about the two different consoles.

  1. The games are smaller so you can put more on a piece of memory than a PSP, a PSP with a 4GB memory stick can hold the most 5-6 games, each weighing in at 200MB to 1.5GB, while a DS more than 30 games with a 2GB SD card, where the smallest game is 8MB and the largest at 128MB. How many times on the bus were you bored with your PSP game, and you wanna play some other game, only to realise you didn’t bring it along? With a large selection, you’ll never get bored. Also, with the amount you can put on the DS, you don’t have to choose what game to bring along with you, you just bring all of them along!
  2. With smaller games, a good side effect is that the games will load faster. MUCH faster. You spend less time waiting and more time playing.
  3. The games are simpler, making it much easier to play on the go than with the PSP. I found myself playing my PSP only at home, making it practically useless as a portable console.
  4. The games are easier to save, same as point 4. You don’t want to be waiting for the bloody game to load to the main menu, then load the save menu, just to save when you’ve already reached your destination!
  5. The games are so easy to play even your girlfriend or her baby cousin would want to play! Fun for everyone, isn’t that what games should be like?
  6. There are many interesting and unique games on the DS that you can never find on the PSP. How many games on the PSP are horribly stripped down versions of their bigger console brothers on the PS2 and PS3?
  7. A DS bundle is cheaper than a PSP bundle.
  8. The DS is much smaller and lighter, and thus less strenuous to play on the go. I’ve played the PSP on the bus till my wrists and neck were sore. I can play my DS from home to Woodlands and still not want to put it down. Also, while being smaller, it’s easier to bring around! The PSP was just too troublesome.. Not to mention being afraid of dropping it..
  9. The DS is more hardy than the PSP, with a suitable hard case. The hard case does not impede the usage of my DS, unlike the unwieldy Logitech PlayGear for the PSP. This means you can take it out to play anytime you like while on the go without fear of dropping, scratching or nicking your DS. I was so afraid to drop my PSP, with a few near misses.
  10. It’s easier to ‘mod’ the DS than the PSP. The amount of knowledge needed to mod the PSP just to play games off the memory stick is atrocious! You just buy an R4 for the DS. It’s only like, $50? A brand new DS + R4 is still cheaper than a brand new PSP. And you can slap in a memory card into a DS and begin playing, but you still need to mod the PSP!

Yeah, you can say the PSP has better graphics, looks cooler, and can play PlayStation games, but the games just suck for playing on the go. Most games feel as though they were supposed to be enjoyed at home and not outside, especially with the snazzy graphics. Even with the snazzy graphics, they are nowhere near the quality of a PS3 or even the PS2, so there’s no point in playing them at home anyway! You might as well get a proper console. That being said, I’d rather get a Wii. So I can play games together with my friends, rather than them watching me play Final Fantasy Whatever.

Get a DS. You won’t regret it.

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