Leetifying Leopard

If you’ve been reading my blog, you would probably know I have 2 macs, and both running OS X Leopard. If you don’t, now you do.

What’s new in Leopard is something called Screen Sharing. Basically what that means is that you can control a mac, from any mac, over the network. Cool huh. You might have seen many repetitive desktop pictures on my blog over this period (rest assured they were of different macs on different versions of OS X) but you haven’t seen anything as confusing as this yet:
Wha? 2 docks? No, the mac in the window is my iMac, while the actual one is my MacBook. I’m downstairs and I would like to make my iMac do stuff while I’m working. I won’t have to run up and down to check on what’s going on, I can do everything from here. Is that cool or what?
Anyway. Maybe that was not so confusing considering you probably are on micro$haft winblows, cos when I look at that pic I see 3 docks (including the one here). So. To add on to the confusion I decided to be retarded:

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