Is Leopard really worth it over Tiger?

Been reading up on it prior to making the leap to Leopard, and there were many whose computer crashed and burned after installing it. Apparently it had something to do with certain incompatible apps loading on startup, and they had their machines stuck on the blue startup screen with the mouse pointer for.. a good few hours. Nothing they do can get the machine out of that state and even better, when running the installation DVD again, the drive could not be installed to! They apparently had to format and do a clean install of leopard, losing all their files. I’m not too keen on that, especially on my iMac where I have a lot of very precious data. With no 500gb hard drive to backup to, I can only risk my MacBook Pro, which doesn’t have a lot of data, but which I can throw into my iMac for safe keeping.

Another thing is the look of leopard, I don’t really fancy the way it looks. Yeah, stacks is cool, spaces will be useful, cover flow everywhere, but the overall look of Leopard is.. ew. The translucent menu bar, no more rounded corners, super FUGLY folder icons, ugly shade of blue on the selected menu items.. oh and yes.. FRONT ROW LOOKS LIKE ASS. I believe it’s the exact carbon copy of the Apple TV interface, which honestly isn’t very nice. The 3D effect of zooming in and out of front row is GONE, and it just fades in and out. Really sad.

So I’ve decided to go with Leopard only on my MBP, as I believe spaces will be productive for me, but will stick with Tiger with my iMac. Tiger just looks better, and I don’t need spaces here with a 24″ screen. I don’t code on my iMac anyway. I would wanna come home to a pretty interface after a hard day of school or what not.


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