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List of wants

June 28, 2007

Here is a list of things that i really really want.

1. Sprint Booster
for my car. faster acceleration. $375
2. a pair of Kicking Mule Workshop jeans
super up dry selvage jeans. japanese denim. $550
3. nintendo ds
damn fun to play la! played elite beat agents just now, super fun!! $200++



June 23, 2007

Just came back from my nus engin orientation camp 2 days ago.. The thing was from monday to thurs. Damn tiring man. The daily programme started at 7am and ended at 2am daily, leaving me with less than 4 hours of sleep everyday. And some more the daily events consist of extremely physically tiring games and what not.. For the past 4 days i’ve been only thinking of sleep.. And occasionally my guitar. Lol.

Oh and i just changed my blade switch on my guit. It’s a 3 way and it works like a gibby! Neck, neck and bridge in parallel, bridge. My middle pickup is not wired at all. Cool eh? 😀 The middle position sounds damn les paul la. Nice. I is likes. Idea courtesy of my dear daniel shredcow. Thanks many many!


June 7, 2007

Gosh, i just realised how horrible i looked 2 years ago la.. Before ns.. Eh but seriously this 2 years passed damn fast ah, even though it was a torture to go through it. It felt more like.. 1 year. Or something. We didn’t really change much, except for how we look. It’s still us, doing the same things, just maybe slightly differently. Damn amazing la. Squeezing into a small car, but different car, jamming at the same studio, but different equipment, bla bla.. Wow man. 2 years. 2 years ago i was botak enlisting into army and scared shitless. Now, can’t give half a fuck for the system. King of the world. Woo..

I NEED TO ORD SOON! ROAR. 2 more months!!