Ever wondered how great it would be to be able to turn back time?

I know it’s impossible, and too perfect a life with this ability will probably ruin it, as life is always about ups and downs, but if ever, a person, or me, could turn back time and just change one thing. Something i should or should not have done. What will things be like now?

We all know turning back time is impossible. Since that is the case, is there something i can do now such that the result would be the same, or similar, as if i could change the past? Sometimes i can’t help but regret. But regretting won’t change anything.

That being said. People who give you up are weakshit fuckass morons with dickheads for brains. They just don’t see how special you are. They don’t see how much they mean to you, and in that, you are special.

So much so that you spend a whole day in town racking your brains on what to get him, being so happy and optimistic about how he will accept your gift. And that he couldn’t be bothered about it the moment he saw it and would rather care more about himself, completely trashing you, breaking you. And you still forgo all the evil he has done to you, and you still want him back.

Now i realise what how it was like when you bought or made gifts for me, how much effort and hope you put in each and every one of them, how much you just wanted to see me happy. And how i would brush them aside without much thought. How much pain i used to cause you. And that you still stuck with me all the way, through all the shit i put you through. “Love is not resentful.” Till one day i thought you would be better off with someone else, someone that would appreciate you, treat you better, but this person, you could not love.

I want to make it up to you. Go back to the life before. Before all the shit happened. With a me from now. I know i’m not special to you anymore. I was once, i was still for a while, but not anymore. I blew it. I know. I was dumb, blind and deaf. All I ask for now is one chance. The same chance you are asking from him. I’ve always wanted you back. I just didn’t know how. I probably still don’t. I’ve said mean words once, ok maybe FUCKING mean words, but fuck, if i seriously meant any of it, i won’t be doing any of this now.

1 chance. Let me prove it to you.


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