Ok la maybe i was too pissed that day to have posted that. I will support my parents, cos they brought me up. But i still hate having to do and get everything the hard way. They say you will appreciate it more if you have to work hard for things and get them the hard way but seriously, everytime i work hard for something, i feel like shit after, cos i’ve wasted too much of time on it and there is still more beyond that and i’m too tired to continue. I mean things within means that you can give, give la. Then let me work on other things that you can’t give. Rather than you have but don’t want to give, then i go find out myself, go work for it myself, and i will be too bogged and tired to bother about anything else. I’m not the kind of person that takes things for granted. I like to take what there is, work on it and improve, and not work from ground up all over and get to the same level as everyone else.

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