Is it just me or do parents have this sick fetish of dashing their kids’ dreams?

Take me for example. My dad has never been supportive of me wanting to be a musician. He wants me to get a degree, get a job, bla bla bla. I’m not interested. Never mind about that. Then I wanted a studio at home where my band can jam. My parents promised me a room for me to jam in but after the house was renovated, all was forgotten. I had to painstakingly remind them that they really did promise me and I wasn’t pulling anything out of thin air. Never mind. Then came the floor. After the floor was sanded, my dad told me, “If I see a scratch on the floor, no more jamming at home, and you move ALL the equipment out.” So, now your fucking floor is more important than your son’s future as a musician. Great. Then just yesterday, my dad said, “No more jamming at home. The neighbours are complaining.” Just like that. After spending all our money and time on the studio my dad can just push it all aside with a “the neighbours are complaining”. He didn’t even give me an alternative. He just doused the fire. I had to churn my head for solutions like considering renting factory space or something to set up a studio. Then I asked my mom a question, if the band needed a sum of money, for startup, or whatever, would she help, and all she said was, “See how first. If your proposal is attractive I may help you.” I dunno la, but if i have a kid in the future and he needs any help for whatever endeavor, i will definitely do my best and help him as much as i can.

I suddenly feel so unloved. I think i’m born suay. Looks like i got do everything the hard way. But rest assured if i ever get rich in the future on my own steam my parents are not getting any of it. Simply because they refused to help.

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