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Woo hoo!

March 27, 2007

I’ve rekindled my love for guitar playing! After not giving a shit to playing the guitar for a few months, I’m back! And now the feeling is stronger than ever! I’m going to buy a new amp in may or june, then a new guitar (custom) hopefully by the time I ORD, and dunno what else I will gian in the future.. Any way, I’m done playing with my car after the next month.


I’m dumb.

March 25, 2007

I was trying to make brunch for myself today. An egg sandwich. Which consists of a fried egg, bread and other stuff. I STUPIDLY fried the egg sunny side up. Waaaa nicee, till i started eating the sandwich. You can guess what happened next.

March 14, 2007

Ok. Someone complained that my blog has not been updated in a while. I lazy la. Anyway.


Fucking good. Wednesday. BBQ at my place before jason’s flight. Eat like pigs we did. Had wine too! Muahahaha. We’re fucking leet la. People bbq use plate and fan. We used a REAL fan. And we had a 2.1 system blasting the hell out of the neighbours. HEH.

Food was fucking good and cooked pretty well except that the chicken weren’t thawed very thoroughly as it was a bit of a rush.

Guess what this is? It’s a fucking funky concoction made by yours truly. BBQ sauce, mayo and a dash of honey. And it tasted like HEAVEN.

We had a lot of food.

The fire was dying out so I evened out the coals and added more. Turned the fan to full and:


After eating we chilled around and sang in my room till my mom almost wanted to kill me. Or us. Dunno. Next.

Friday. Worked from home, so I didn’t have to go back to camp. Hit quota in 1 day. Sent jason off at the airport, met sebas and went to the IT fair for a bit before meeting up with alene for dinner and a chill.

Saturday, COS, slept the whole fucking day. Shiok. Tried armored core but not my thing. I feel like selling my psp. $350, anyone?

Sunday, fi came over and we played guitar the whole day. SHIOK AH. Learned 2 new songs. Gonna surprise jason when he returns. HEH. In the evening we went down to esplanade cos fi wanted to buy a guitar. Fucking esplanade dun let me park la! Cos i got no mosaic ticket. Sluts. Anyway, fi got himself a Maestro guitar. MAESTRO OK. $200 only. Great action, nice sound. Power. We then ate a quickie at macs and went to alene’s to watch flags of our fathers. Nice show. Prequel to 2 letters from 1wo jima.

Monday, HAIRCUT! I so desperately needed one cos my hair was so long a center parting was forming. Almost back to my old hairstyle. Haven’t take picture la, maybe later.

And finally today. I bought a bottle of cool water. Heh. The legendary lady killer. Or so they say. For $39 ONLY!!! There’s this shop at lucky plaza (actually there are others) that sell testers at 1/2 the price when you get it at the store. And testers are also more concentrated. Fucking bang for buck. There are many other fragrances also, all the common ones they have in tangs and isetan and taka and what not. So you can just walk thru tangs, smell, pick what you like and go to lucky and buy. Heh. 😀 Damn cheapo right. Heck.

Work has been good too, nothing much to rave about, nothing much is being owed. Swee. Hope the week and the weeks to come stay this way. I like.


March 4, 2007

You show it man. I knew at BK that you’re going to say something already 😛 And I’ve always been trying to hit on girls what. And I’ve never been good at it, heh. I don’t really club often la. Only if someone asks me if not I won’t bother. And even if I do sebas will be with me. If it makes you feel better I don’t really enjoy myself when I club, just that I make the best out of it when I’m there. Clubbing is a skill every chinese must have to survive in the society. I just go there to learn what to do and see what others do. I would rather be hanging out with you than being at some club but you’re on deployment most of the time. And for thursday, I’ve already told ryan I’m going and he got me tickets already. Anyways, dun worry about me, won’t die one. 😀 Things will be back to normal soon. Thanks for the concern bro 🙂

Friend test!

March 4, 2007

Since everybody seems to be doing one, I should join in the fun! It’s a really easy test cos I can’t really think of what to put in..

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