Diary of Denim Part 1

Yeap! I got raw jeans! Finally! Lovely shit.. I’m going to do a photo blog on the process of stretching and fading this lovely pair of raw denim.

So here we go.

Day 0.

I’ve been dying for a pair of leet raw denim jeans for the longest time. And today, I’ve finally got it. Behold:

Nudies Straight Sven! Size 30, downsized from 32. I got it from S:N. I was sebas all the way who provided much valuable advice and help.

Specs of these jeans.. Lets see. Waist is 30, inseam is 32, and it’s made from shuttle loom full selvage denim. The sewing on the selvage is red. Heh.

I actually couldn’t button the 30 all the way at first, and the sales guy, Chris (who’s a really helpful guy, and he knows his shit) recommended me a 31. I loved the fit and cutting of a 30, and the number is nice (heh) but I couldn’t button the top 2 buttons.. Sad. Tried 31, 32, a regular ralf, and a slim jim, but all didn’t suit me pretty well.

So, we went over to FR to try on the APCs. Man. The denim is softer and it bunches at my ankles cos of the inseam length of 34. Nudies are 32. Sebas is a fan of the bunch but not quite so for me. He also said that the APC he tried on the last time were stiffer, and probably not made in macau yet. Nudies are made in italy. Leet shit. And I didn’t really like the way the butch served me in FR. “How thick is the denim on the APCs?” “Er, I knew it before, but I can’t remember now.” Right. At least Chris just said he didn’t know.

So we went back to S:N. I tried the 30 on again, and I wanted it so bad, so I used brute force to force the last 2 buttons on. After much wresting and sweat, I finally managed to do it! Fucking happy as bird, I bought it on the spot. I didn’t even take it off. Now it has stretched a little already, and I can button it back after unbuttoning. Woo hoo! Next will be briefs, these jeans screw up my boxers real bad..

So here concludes Day 0 of my jeans. Of course I won’t blog about it by the day, but definitely by month.

Anyway, to side track a little, after I bought my jeans my mom called and complained that I didn’t ask her along for shopping. After much drama, my mom appeared at the store and Chris entertained her for awhile while we went around to see what shops are still open. (it was nearing 8 already) Nothing left, and I went back to see my mom trying on this hot sexy pair of supertight white denim jeans. Fuyoh. Never knew my mom could look so hot. She tried another pair of indigo raw denim, just as hot. My mom got the white denim in the end cos it was the last piece. Now all she needs a better fashion sense..

Another side track, some hip hop wannabe idiot waltzed into FR and asked to try on a pair of APC, and he was complaining he didn’t want one cos he couldn’t button all the way. What a dick. Guess what he was wearing. A tee, 3 quarts and skater shoes. Fuck, go back to far east plaza to buy your clothes la. He was then spotted in S:N on our way back. He didn’t even show interest in nudies. What does this prove? APC is overrated already. Ever since they were featured on CNA. Lucky I never buy.

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