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December 12, 2006

Damn phone has a character limit. Can’t post long posts. :/ Weekend was fun. Jammed on sat, then went to buy guitar with kwoky, then went for dinner, then sheesha at arab. Can’t upload the photos now it will kill my bill. Oh something good happened this week.. I got my contacts yesterday! 1st time go my life i’m wearing them! It was so exciting. All thanks to aaron’s recommendation. The shop’s really good, grand opticals, at jurong. Top class service. Will blog more, if i ever get to go home that is.


Doing cos is damn sian..

December 12, 2006

Sian. Stuck in camp with a psp running low on batt, again. Tomorrow need to stay in, again. Saturday need to go for some shit run, again. Stuff are due this week, again. Why must shit befall me the week before my block leave? I really hate serving the army. Can’t wait to ord. I enlisted hoping to get a job i’ll love doing. Didn’t happen. Sometimes i wonder why i didn’t keng go bmt. Could’ve been a storeman. Or a driver. I’ve always wanted to be a driver. Oh well, at least last weekend was fun.


December 4, 2006

Oh yeah. I had a bout of arty-fartyism in the office just now. Check out the shots I did:


December 4, 2006

I just realised how long I have not been posting.

Oh well. Lets see.. Where shall I begin.

Oh. On thursday I went to town with cindy and seok. Seok looked like a christmas tree. See?

I can’t even see her in this pic 😛

We also bummed around..

And we also saw the wrongest thing ever, at the muji in paragon:

Teddy humping a dog!

I blew nearly $300 on that day.. Spent $135 on a 1GB micro memory stick for my K800i, bought a braun buffel wallet and a braun buffel key holder totalling to about $120, and $40 on a funky t-shirt. Cindy bought underwear for her boyfriend and seok bought.. an oreo cheese cake.

I LOVE my new wallet and key holder! Check them out! (And the collage, heh. New program, picasa)

Then came friday. A day of funny faces!

It was MP Command’s family day, and the whole unit went to escape theme park to play.. I stuck around kwoky and bx, and we queued at the go kart for an hour. We played with other SB guys too, and damn, it was fun! At least for me. I floored the poor kart all the way, even down hill, and thru the last hairpin corner. The kart can fly! For awhile, maybe a split second. Oversteer wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, I’m used to it after how I drive my parents’ cars. I didn’t do very well though, started off 2nd and ended at 3rd. Was behind ernest all the time, couldn’t overtake him. Harpal was 3rd and he became 1st. Poor kwoky was alone most the time, we said we would wait but harpal said go when we were halfway up so I don’t know what happen. Bx.. oh bx, bx.. he was bouncing around the whole track! He kept hitting the walls, and it almost seemed like he didn’t know where to go. I will never sit in his car if he ever learns how to drive.

Met eugene for a movie later, watched open season. DAMN FUNNY SHOW! Porcupine: Buddddyyy?????…. Freaky little spiked fella. I also bought a card reader cos my old one can’t access memory stick pro. The new one’s smaller, and easier to use. I can finally read my psp’s memory stick! Uber fast transfer. Later in the evening I met an army friend of mine for arcade pool, had fun crapping around with my camera. I reached home at about 1230, stuck around online for awhile, played around with my psp, and slept around 330. And guess what, I woke up the next day at

430PM!!!!!! A good 3/4 of the day gone already! I was so tired I didn’t even know what time it was, I thought it was only 12! Oh well. Supposed to meet fi for dunno what at esplanade, and I did. Seok and kwoky came down too. Had dinner at carl’s, and went to watch peepshow at the esplanade. I used to play for them, a long long time ago. I left because I wanted to concentrate on TEG. They are popular now, playing at the esplanade, having good equipment, playing to a decent sized crowd, releasing an album soon. I’m not jealous, it’s just that.. I look at TEG, and I realise that we haven’t really progressed much except being rather good at covering iron maiden. And now we have hit a wall, we don’t have a singer, and we’re stuck. We’re looking for a replacement singer that can sing like bruce dickinson, but we can’t, and besides looking, we’re just sitting around. Sometimes I wonder, why not we just get some average joe for a singer, and start doing originals, catered to his voice? Or have a leader that will give the band a push in some general direction. Or both. Yea, peepshow’s songs are simple. But they’re somewhere. The stuff we play are more technical. And we are nowhere. Sometimes I wonder, what makes more sense, playing easy songs that everyone will like, or playing difficult songs that nobody listens to. Bleh~

Oh well, after peepshow, we went drinking at breko, $10 for 2 bottles of beer, pretty darned cheap!

Then came sunday, then monday.. which is today. AND I GOT TO DRIVE A VAN TODAY!!!!!! :D:D:D It slid a little when I dropped to 3rd gear from 4th while braking into a corner. My friend freaked out. It was raining so the wet road might be the contributing factor, but according to my friend using engine braking on vans will cause the tires to lose grip. Weird. Oh well. FUN!