Had an eventful weekend!

Gah I’m too tired now to blog in detail.. Anyway, here goes.

Saturday, went to get my new phone!!! :D:D:D

My lovely new K800i. In brown. Damn sexay colour man. Why did I get this phone? Cos it’s a cybershot phone. Meaning, gosu camera. I just bought a camera with a built in handphone. 😀 Then for the rest of the day I was cam whoring.. Not myself, but others. Check it out.

Went to Wan’s sister’s place with jason for a hari raya visit..

Wan’s cute nephew..

Looks like wan right?

After that jason and i went down to wala wala to meet up with seok, chuan, sebas, aaron and alene. Heard some funky band play a shit load of pop songs. Took pictures of everything but the band, so that tells you a lot about them eh.

Chuan getting blinded by my phone’s powerful flash, seok looking.. like seok

Us, or arses, whatever you wanna call us.. Me, jason, and you3 tube4

The beautiful couple, and the 3rd party :O jason, alene and aaron

Guess who


The green bottles are the 2 for 1 promo beers. Forgot what it is called but it’s german and it’s damn good. Had carlsberg today and couldn’t compare. $12 for 2 bottles, is that cheap or what?

More pictures but I lazy to upload all.. Those who want drop me a message and I’ll send. I need mich’s collage program soon.

Then today, played msn games with mich the whole afternoon, then went for dinner at chomp chomp, and after that went to alene’s place to chill and smoke seesha. Actually supposed to go to some flea market place with sebas and seok but seok pulled out last minute. Basket her.

And that concludes my weekend. Haven’t had such an eventful weekend for a long time. I’m neglecting work but fuck, I don’t care anymore.


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