Yes, I, of all people should have known. That’s what I believed in for the longest time. Till all these shit happened, which changed my perception completely. That’s why I was damn disappointed.

I will be lying if I agreed with you that you are not into and dedicated to the band. On the average, you can play more stuff than me. You play the guitar every day. I played once a week back then when we were still jamming. Now, I play once every 2 weeks. I will also be lying if I say I enjoy every single jamming session we’ve had. To be honest, every session, same few songs, same solos. Who won’t be sian? But I don’t let this affect me or the band. Because there’s a purpose to jam, to keep us together and to practice, to be tight. To maintain the standard we’ve tried so hard to reach. I don’t just say I’m bored and I want to take a break or leave beacause I’m sian. I know there will be better times. Everytime we nail a new song, or come up with an original, the kick is there again. That’s why I was pushing the band to start with originals. That’s why we’re setting up the jam area in my house, to start somewhere. I think of the long term. It all boils down to perception. How you want to percieve the situation, in a negative or positive way. I don’t see why you should percieve negatively if it makes you feel down.

So if you still care, please, stop us from carrying on without you. That’s the least you can do right now. And if you still treat me as your best friend, talk to me. You know that I will always be there for you. I don’t see why you should let stupid things like character differences get in the way.

PS: Have you ever thought that you can feel better just by not taking a break and jamming your heart and ass out?

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