Dude. We were never depressed or bored because we were taking a break. We were depressed because of the uncertainty of whether or not you still want to play for us. Whether or not this band meant anything to you or not, after putting in so much effort together and bringing us this far. When I said I missed jamming, I missed the time we had having fun playing music together. It was not an individualistic remark that I wanted to jam. But what was your response?

I’m still taking a break.
I was never interested in guitar.
I force myself to jam.
Even if I continue playing it’s just temporary for you guys to find a replacement.

How not to be upset? It just tells us that you can’t be bothered about TEG at all, all the way from the start. All the fun we had together was just a lie, a mask you put on while you are with us. That’s what we saw it as. That upset us. A lot. We feel cheated. Just when things were picking up, this had to happen. Having to start from square one. Feeling bad for Wan, who quit all his side projects to put his heart and soul into the band, only to find out that it all has been a cruel joke.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kind of person that can go enjoying and playing around when something in my life is seriously wrong. I can never enjoy in peace. I don’t think the rest of us can either.

Neither am I the sort that will play my friends out. I prioritise my friends over myself, each and every one of them. If I have to suffer in order for my friends to be happy, I will. Even if I’m dead tired and stressed due to work, I’ll still be there. Taking a break has never crossed my mind because I don’t want to make the rest upset. I would even risk my life to speed down to jam if I’m late. If you think sitting in my car was scary, you haven’t seen me drive when I’m alone. I drove so hard my patch cable broke. That’s why on the gig there was no sound.

Simply because of one thing, when you guys are happy, I’m happy. Maybe it’s different for you. As long as you are happy, that’s enough. Screw the rest of your friends.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

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