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Aw yeah. Check me out today.

November 22, 2006

Don’t I look sexy? =D

Anyway, the rashes are disappearing already. My mom stayed home to take care of me today. My dad heard of some traditional way of curing urticuria which is to rub rice wine on the rashes and to drink black bean soup, so my mom was helping me apply the rice wine the whole day, and to reminding me to drink water and all.. Love my mom and dad πŸ™‚

My body is still slightly swollen though. Now, the bottom of my feet and my palms hurt. The joints of my fingers hurt too. And yeah, swollen lips. Oh I got another 2 days of MC yesterday, but also no point cos I spend most of the time sleeping..

And I can’t play the guitar or my PSP with hurting palms and fingers 😦


Got a FUCKKINGGG bad rash. Fucking man.

November 21, 2006

I say again. I don’t know what I ate to have caused this. It started with a little itch on my neck, then my arms. My arms then proceeded to look like I was bitten by a million mosquitoes. It spread to my legs, and torso, and now my fuck face. Yes, my fuck face.

Anyway, enough talk, I shall just let you see what I look like now. This was what I looked like yesterday. Viewer discretion strongly adviced.

Mosquito bites? Noo..

I swear, there were a lot of lumps on this hand. They all joined up together. Yes, it looks swollen now.

My thigh.

Now, this is what I look like today. My fuck face is swollen, and I’m not very happy.

Looks like some viral infection eh?


Am I grossing you out yet?

Now for the finale! My swollen fuck face!

I know, I look hideous. I hope it earns me an MC. I’m also having a headache and I can’t show many expresions on my face cos I feel my skin stretching when I do so. Feels like my face might just blow up anytime. The mother of my branch told me to see a doctor, and to take a jab before it gets worse or I’ll end up like ah tan. She’s so mean.

Anyway I’m a little backlogged on posting, I have not posted our guy’s night out having supper at boon lay, and our jam at my place. Soon, I will, if I get an MC for tomorrow, which I’m pretty sure I will judging on how hideous I look.

I’m so impressed with my phone!

November 13, 2006

I can view blogs on it! Check it out!

Really had a pleasant surprise this morning when I was playing around with my phone trying to surf the net on it. That was what I was doing the whole day practically. Uncle lee was not around..

And that bugger asked me to bring my phone bill today. And he didn’t come. Lucky I didn’t bring. Or is it lucky he didn’t come. I dunno.

Met lynn for dinner after work today πŸ™‚ Poor girl’s working so hard, looking so tired. Anyway, had a good meal and a nice chat. Happy! Haha..

Had an eventful weekend!

November 13, 2006

Gah I’m too tired now to blog in detail.. Anyway, here goes.

Saturday, went to get my new phone!!! :D:D:D

My lovely new K800i. In brown. Damn sexay colour man. Why did I get this phone? Cos it’s a cybershot phone. Meaning, gosu camera. I just bought a camera with a built in handphone. πŸ˜€ Then for the rest of the day I was cam whoring.. Not myself, but others. Check it out.

Went to Wan’s sister’s place with jason for a hari raya visit..

Wan’s cute nephew..

Looks like wan right?

After that jason and i went down to wala wala to meet up with seok, chuan, sebas, aaron and alene. Heard some funky band play a shit load of pop songs. Took pictures of everything but the band, so that tells you a lot about them eh.

Chuan getting blinded by my phone’s powerful flash, seok looking.. like seok

Us, or arses, whatever you wanna call us.. Me, jason, and you3 tube4

The beautiful couple, and the 3rd party :O jason, alene and aaron

Guess who


The green bottles are the 2 for 1 promo beers. Forgot what it is called but it’s german and it’s damn good. Had carlsberg today and couldn’t compare. $12 for 2 bottles, is that cheap or what?

More pictures but I lazy to upload all.. Those who want drop me a message and I’ll send. I need mich’s collage program soon.

Then today, played msn games with mich the whole afternoon, then went for dinner at chomp chomp, and after that went to alene’s place to chill and smoke seesha. Actually supposed to go to some flea market place with sebas and seok but seok pulled out last minute. Basket her.

And that concludes my weekend. Haven’t had such an eventful weekend for a long time. I’m neglecting work but fuck, I don’t care anymore.

Damn funky day today..

November 9, 2006

Damn boring day at work, again. I was sleeping EVERYWHERE, from the bus, to the fire safety talk, to the bunk, to the office.. TILL..

Me: Yankee Kilo to Golf Lima, when are you free this week?
GL: Golf Lima. I’m free only today. Location at Yew Tee.

And we did. Gosh this is the *only* part of my job which I like. We went to causeway point and tried the OHH SOO GOSU Westone UM1 and UM2. UM1 was like, ok, soso, $150? Then we tried the UM2 and :O were all over our faces. Detail was superb throughout the whole frequency range, and the staging was beautiful too. The UM1 in comparison was weak in bass, and the staging was not as pleasant as the UM2. The difference is that the UM2 has 2 drivers while the UM1 has 1. UM2 price? A nice fat $450. Geoff and I already decided that come january, we will buy that thing together. HAW.

Check them out here:

Then we watched The Covenant. Starting was cool, nice effects, hot chicks, nice car, but it got a little stupid towards the end. The ending was really rushed, the same symptoms I see in many movies nowadays. The way they brought out the antagonist was too sudden as well. Not too bad, there was still the hot chick. Whose friend had nice perky nipples πŸ˜›

Then we went to meet Lynn.. Heh. Sebas should know who she is. Anyway, I FINALLY signed up the savings plan with her. Haha.. Don’t want to break her heart. πŸ˜› And she was sooo cute la. Having dinner with her tomorrow. Yay!

And then we bumped into another prudential sales person. She was sooo unnatural, and really fake.

She: Hey, do you know which bus goes to JB?
Me and GL: No.
She: Oh ok. What school are you guys from?
Me: NP.
She: Oh I see. What course in nanyang?
Me and GL: NGEE ANN.
She: Ah ok.

Then she asked asked what course, bla bla, are we working, tell her we’re in NS, then this
She: What do you do in NS?
GL: Oh I’m in the navy
She: Oh is it? Got go out on ship?
GL: Got.. Every few weeks, go overseas, then got allowance of a few thousand

I almost burst out laughing cos that’s soooo not true. Then this

She: Oh, so how much do you save a month?
GL: $400+
She: Then you?
Me: $74.38


She: Oh? You also signed up for the savings plan ah?
GL: Ya.
She: When?
GL: A very long time back.
She: Then you?
Me: Ya.
She: When?
Me: Just only.

Then the kicker

She: Oh.. looks like I was 1 step too late. Ok la, bye!

I was there thinking, walau, she’s at least a thousand steps too late la. Nice try. And she didn’t even know who Lynn was. Gosh.. Msged Lynn later and she said it must be the new girl. Dunno if I should have tho, skalli she think I’m flirting with other girls 😦 I’m not.

Oh, if any of you are interested in a savings plan cos you can’t save for shit and you need someone to help keep your money for you, look for me. No, I’m not keeping your money for you, but prudential will.

Link of the day! Or week. Or month. Whatever.
Finding faces. Damn damn cute.

Wassup with red Mazda 3s?

November 8, 2006

Go to any busy road, take a stone and throw, if you hit a Mazda 3, chances are it will be red. In my camp alone there are already TWO red Mazda 3s. Everyday on the road, when I see a Mazda 3, it will ALSO be red. I don’t get it. Only today did I manage to spot *1* black one, which is pathetic. 1st, red colour for any car, besides a Ferrari, is fugly. Second, almost every Mazda 3? What, Mazda cannot afford to offer other colours ah? Maybe they get their red pigmentation from their female staffs’ monthly flow. Free one.

Anyway, how many fire extinguishers do you think it takes to fly? Find out here. Courtesy of Sebas.


November 3, 2006

Yes, I, of all people should have known. That’s what I believed in for the longest time. Till all these shit happened, which changed my perception completely. That’s why I was damn disappointed.

I will be lying if I agreed with you that you are not into and dedicated to the band. On the average, you can play more stuff than me. You play the guitar every day. I played once a week back then when we were still jamming. Now, I play once every 2 weeks. I will also be lying if I say I enjoy every single jamming session we’ve had. To be honest, every session, same few songs, same solos. Who won’t be sian? But I don’t let this affect me or the band. Because there’s a purpose to jam, to keep us together and to practice, to be tight. To maintain the standard we’ve tried so hard to reach. I don’t just say I’m bored and I want to take a break or leave beacause I’m sian. I know there will be better times. Everytime we nail a new song, or come up with an original, the kick is there again. That’s why I was pushing the band to start with originals. That’s why we’re setting up the jam area in my house, to start somewhere. I think of the long term. It all boils down to perception. How you want to percieve the situation, in a negative or positive way. I don’t see why you should percieve negatively if it makes you feel down.

So if you still care, please, stop us from carrying on without you. That’s the least you can do right now. And if you still treat me as your best friend, talk to me. You know that I will always be there for you. I don’t see why you should let stupid things like character differences get in the way.

PS: Have you ever thought that you can feel better just by not taking a break and jamming your heart and ass out?


November 2, 2006

Dude. We were never depressed or bored because we were taking a break. We were depressed because of the uncertainty of whether or not you still want to play for us. Whether or not this band meant anything to you or not, after putting in so much effort together and bringing us this far. When I said I missed jamming, I missed the time we had having fun playing music together. It was not an individualistic remark that I wanted to jam. But what was your response?

I’m still taking a break.
I was never interested in guitar.
I force myself to jam.
Even if I continue playing it’s just temporary for you guys to find a replacement.

How not to be upset? It just tells us that you can’t be bothered about TEG at all, all the way from the start. All the fun we had together was just a lie, a mask you put on while you are with us. That’s what we saw it as. That upset us. A lot. We feel cheated. Just when things were picking up, this had to happen. Having to start from square one. Feeling bad for Wan, who quit all his side projects to put his heart and soul into the band, only to find out that it all has been a cruel joke.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the kind of person that can go enjoying and playing around when something in my life is seriously wrong. I can never enjoy in peace. I don’t think the rest of us can either.

Neither am I the sort that will play my friends out. I prioritise my friends over myself, each and every one of them. If I have to suffer in order for my friends to be happy, I will. Even if I’m dead tired and stressed due to work, I’ll still be there. Taking a break has never crossed my mind because I don’t want to make the rest upset. I would even risk my life to speed down to jam if I’m late. If you think sitting in my car was scary, you haven’t seen me drive when I’m alone. I drove so hard my patch cable broke. That’s why on the gig there was no sound.

Simply because of one thing, when you guys are happy, I’m happy. Maybe it’s different for you. As long as you are happy, that’s enough. Screw the rest of your friends.

Correct me if I’m wrong.