What sia.

Wants me to learn myself, he says. Wants me to take a break and for once, not over react. Wants me to get a hobby and positive thinking.

Ok loh. You sian of guitar, want to leave only ma. Leave loh.. Relek.. Aiya, why not just disband TEG. Band only what, right? No problems man.. Then I shall find new hobbies, and will be positive about breaking up the band we all took so much effort to build up. What’s a new and nice hobby to pick up.. Hmm.. Maybe screwing around with different club girls every week? Sounds like fun.

Then I’ll go alone, cos I think too much and can’t live alone, so I’ll go clubbing alone. But harder to get laid when going alone leh.. Hmm.. Nevermind.. Don’t think.. Can one.. Just relax..

Then I’ll sell off all my guitar equipment, and use the money to buy booze, drink, relax, and get a nice screw at the end of it all.. Ahh…


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