Jason, you don’t get it..

He wants us to relax la, and find other better things to do, cos jamming is uninteresting and boring. He’s not hurt or what, he just wants to relax, and he wants us to relax as well, and be positive about it. He wants us to learn about how to quit playing in a band, and find better things to do, like being alone, finding new hobbies, have positive thinking, learning to be patient, and not miss jamming at all. šŸ™‚

Gosh, it sounds like so much fun! Can’t wait to try it out. Let’s disband TEG, shall we? It’s gonna be so much fun, and a wonderful learning experience! =D No wait, have to do it slowly, have to be patient. Hmm.. Jason can break his sticks one at a time, maybe about 1 stick per hour. I can start by cutting my strings one at a time too, then continue by throwing my pedals out of the window, then slowly sawing my pedal board into maybe like 10 pieces. Lots of patience is needed. Then we’ll meet up, and punch each other in the face, but at a relaxed pace, at about 1 punch per hour as well. Slowly.. Must relax. Then we shall slowly walk away. Maybe just roll on the road, to relax and take time..

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