I’m back to life again, after 1/2 a week of seemingly endless torture. You know, I can never understand why everyone else has so many off days but I don’t seem to get any, and I stay in camp longer than anyone else on a daily basis. Sigh. Oh well, had fun today.

Jason asked me out, and I asked seok and sebas out. Sebas didn’t pick up his phone at first because it was on silent. Jason couldn’t meet us suddenly cos he had to attend ibsen’s dad’s bbq, so I went to meet up with seok 1st. Sebas finally called me back after seeing maybe a million missed calls (maybe 10 or 20 la.) and we decided to have dinner at adam food centre. When me and seok reached adam, the sebas called and said he is not having dinner with us cos he ate at home. Sebas, sebas.. Cos of him I couldn’t try out the gosu food at ghim moh 😦 Anyway, i had dinner with seok, met up with sebas (he took a cab down, at least he has a heart :P), then they came over to my place to chill and play n64. Had fun bashing each other up in various games, heh. Then I did a really stupid thing, I forgot to offer them drinks, and after awhile seok said “Eh i’m going down to get drinks what you all want?” Paisei siaaa…. But in the end I also had nothing to drink at home so me and seok rode out to shell to buy. She’s so funny, she’s scared of riding, and my riding, but she wanted to ride out in the 1st place. Haha.. silly girl.. We then had vodka coke, bummed around, played the guitar and recorded kiss me. We were trying to do an overdub for backup vox when jason arrived. Chilled a bit more, watched seok’s (technically chuan’s) DT Live at Bukodan DVD for a bit, and sent everyone home. That’s the way to chill for the weekend man. If only I didn’t have to work tomorrow and everyone could just stay over.. Damn.. My place really like chalet now, but cannot make too much noise at night only..

By the way, sebas pronounces youtube as you3 tube4. Like maciam scolding someone. Lol.

And my blog title’s still funny. How ah. =
And about mos burger, ok la, she still talks to me. But she thinks i’m as bad as some swine. She didn’t say so herself tho, read it off somewhere.. So, is there a hidden agenda? Some plan of hers? I dunno..


One Response to “Yay!”

  1. Michele Says:

    uncle… please get a tagboard… tagboards are like so essential in a blog… without a taggy board… pple are unable to tag tag u… and it’ll be fun!! haha

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