Kan sian.

Fuck man. I typed an entry on tuesday. A really long one about the long weekend. And someone at blogger must have been masturbating all over the servers as there was tremendous lag and I couldn’t post. I copied the whole chunk into a notepad, and now I lost it. CB.

Anyway, the past few days have been damn sian, maybe besides last night, when i went to chill with sebas at this nice bar near my place. It’s called bullfrog, it’s damn chill, and the drinks are cheap. Kilkenny is at $9.80 a pint from 4-9pm. A pity they don’t have erdinger. We chatted up with a waitress there called siti, who we thought was chinese. Her pseudo accent ah.. CMI. Sebas got turned off after he knew she was malay and only 1/4 chinese. Bloody racist. Later saufi kill you then you know. We also debated about fate, felt like i’m back in poly for that moment. We’re also gonna work a little project, making electronic music, somewhere along the lines of Postal Service, working directly from home. We decided to pull in seoky to do vox for us, which she willingly obliged. Yay! Now sebas has to do research on beat machines and shit. Good luck.

Life has been boring this week, meaningless maybe. Day to day, go to camp, nothing much to look forward to at home, want to play guitar also reach home too late (considering the volume i play at), nobody’s online, nobody’s free, weekend also nothing to look forward to, cos the band is in some sort of a lull period now, PSP also lazy to play cos I suck at games, and I’m too hum/tired to bring it to camp cos i scared kena check or i’ll just sleep all the way on the bus..


Yea. That’s what i feel now. Sian. Damn fucking sian.

2 more months to swift sport.. When oh when will january come? When oh when will i get to see my white beauty?

You know, sometimes, I wonder why I went down to mos burger that day. I went down cos I wanted to see her. Because of that want, it led to a series of events that made her not even want to talk to me anymore. Cos I’m a bastard in her eyes. I probably am.

I hate myself.
I lost a good friend. Just like that.
Even if I can never be with her, we could at least be good friends.
I’ve lost that, even.
And with that, I also lost another potential good friend.

Wtf are you doing yk??

Anyway, since my blog title was so funny, I guess I shall change it. Lets see if it’s nice.

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