Blogger has been slow

So I have not been posting. Anyway, things have been getting better. I went out with jason yesterday to buy his spanking new creative mp3 player. It’s a ZEN V Plus, with 2GB of space, a built in FM tuner and the ability to play videos. It’s extremely easy to use, with many useful functions, and it’s a million times better than the LE-MON ipod nano clone we saw at Giant, which could not even be used properly due to the crap response time of the device. Thankfully I was sharp enough to notice the tiny little fella, and knew instantly it was special. The salesperson didn’t even know how to sell the thing to us, and was stating how lousy it was and how frequently it crashes, and was trying to sell to us some other ridiculous MP3 player that didn’t even have a colour screen, and didn’t even have enough power for us to try.

We also managed to talk to fi yesterday, and the problems have more or less been settled. Things are not settled 100% as of yet as we need to know what fi is thinking, and that has to wait till the day when everyone is free AND he’s willing to tell, which will probably be in a long time. Anyway, TEG is going to take a short break, and shall concentrate on this:

Yes, I have revived my old N64! In a very ghetto way, but it works! The white thing below the n64 is a device for me to run games I’ve downloaded online, via the CD drive. Meaning, free, unlimited games! Haw! The power adapter for it was fried so I went to SLS with sebas the other day to buy a replacement. It’s a little big, and I had to wire it up myself, but it works. The CD drive was fried too so I changed it for a spare CD writer I had lying around. It was sprayed black and the LED was changed to blue, both by me, back at a time when I was still into case mods. Sebas and I had a really good time playing mario tennis and super smash brothers, can’t wait for the rest of TEG to try. It will be a great form of therapy for our band!

One Response to “Blogger has been slow”

  1. Rizwan Ibrahim Says:

    Yeah! Looking forward to the day we spend the whole night playing N64! Ahaha..

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