You completely missed the point

I believe I have the every right and reason to cling dearly to the memories of the past that led to the close friendship we have today. The days where I wasn’t even playing the guitar yet. The days where we were all roadies. How we worked like dogs to get miserable pay to buy our guitars. What’s wrong with clinging on to our closely forged companionship? I believe the memories we’ve had and the shit we’ve been thru were more than just perspectives. I look deep and I see of all the things me, jason and fi went thru, since the day we started playing counter strike together in the atrium every day. The teriyaki sandwiches we ate every day at the atrium. The 14 pratas me and fi gulped down 10 minutes before class. The gatherings at canteen 2 where we drank kopi peng and philosophised about the world. Then I see the shit you’re putting fi through. The way you see our band, our family. This is why we don’t welcome you back.

No time is only an excuse. You think you are the only one busy? Can anyone in the band be busier than me? And yet I can still find time to talk to everyone, even if it’s for a quick supper after work, or on the phone on the way home, or on msn once I reach home. Msn is an impersonal mean? Then why can the rest of TEG communicate through it, and not you? At least we try to squeeze every little second of our time out of our busy schedule to talk to each other, to know what’s going on, even if it has to be msn. And msn has been the very way we communicate and understand each other for the longest time, way before we even started jamming. It’s clear cut, we bother, we care.

You didn’t do anything to fuck the band up? You didn’t directly fuck us up. You fucked someone up in the band which indirectly fucked the whole band up. Things you said after the whole thing fucked us up further. Everyone is upset. You don’t know, or don’t care. You blame others. Before you blame anyone again, have you talked to any one of us to know how we feel, besides fi? TEG is not just fi alone you know. There are 3 other members.

And you and your bullshit about bringing the band this far. I’ve never wanted to pursue it but since now that you want to bring it up, I’ll give it to you. What have you done to improve on our skill? Our tightness? Our chemistry? Have you made jason play on timing and get the band to play together? Have you made sure wan nails every single note on beat with jason? Have you made sure the 2 guitarists play every single riff and solo well, and harmonise in tune? How well we play has been the hard work, effort and passion of every single individual in the band. You alone brought us this far? Think again.

Next, I don’t think we are anywhere. Playing at 2 gigs doesn’t make us god. We are nothing. Gigs? Contacts? Fuck, you only got us 2 gigs. Through kx. And you think kx only knows you? I’m not interested about gigs, or fame. I play music for the music and the for the togetherness of my band. When we get a gig, all I think about is that I’m there to entertain the crowd with my best pals and make them feel as good as what I’m feeling when I play. I was invited by a friend, and I shall not let him or his audience down. Scene? Contacts? What scene, what contacts? Who actually knows us, and supports us, besides our own personal friends?

Seriously, who wants to play with you? I don’t want to bother with a person that screws with the band’s chemistry, one who thinks that she’s almighty and all important. By the way, everyone who saw our gig video said we needed a new singer. So much for standing out and being associated with the band. Once again don’t think too highly of yourself. We aren’t maimed or handicapped. This ordeal is just going to bring us closer. Far from being handicapped. Good riddance to bad rubbish?

And of course there are other bands dying to have you in their band. Sex sells. And of course we don’t have singers dying to join us. The songs we play aren’t easy to sing.

Last of all, I created this blog for me to reflect my feelings. Not to flame people. You were the very person in my mind I was pissed at while I was reflecting, that’s why the post came out that way. You think I want to fight with you? I’m not so boliao loh. You can flame me back all you want. You have proven my point. Once again, if you haven’t realised, TEG is more than just a band. It’s a group of closest friends. And you’re not invited.


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