Dude, remember, the days where we hung out to play guitar, playing guitar in school, playing phantom at the underground tunnel at esplanade, playing at my place, playing at your place, screwing up seok’s song, buying our electric guitars together, chilling out, thinking of what to do with our band, going to jam, forming up our band, all these shit

before SHE came along

Don’t tell me you’re thinking of quitting now because of her. I’m not going to accept it. I’m not going to accept you saying or thinking that SHE was YOUR drive in playing the guitar, and not me, your best friend, or the band, your closest buddies. She should NEVER be in the equation at all. Honestly, she did not do *ANYTHING* for your playing. She was just your girlfriend. Ya, you might have played for her, or with her, and it was really sweet of you, but it’s OVER now. Think back to your roots. Think back to the guys. Your brothers. Us. We were called Us. Before all these shit. We had fun. We still can.

Honestly, I regret it now. I regret it so much, that I knew her, that I pulled her into the band, that I let her break up with me to be with fi.

Anyway, I have decided. I disagree with her joining back with the band. I was the only one that was alright with her coming back. I changed my mind. “I would join you guys back without any hesitation, if you guys ever asked.” You think too highly of yourself. “..you guys are moving on and searching for others instead of me.” Instead of you? Once again, you think too highly of yourself.

Before you think of something rash to respond to that, think about this. Have you talked to us about this. Have you respected us enough as friends or bandmates to discuss with us what is going on between you and fi.

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