I’ve found myself again.. Finally..

Some might know, I actually miss myself a lot. Not in a sick or self loving way, but I just feel that I wasn’t myself for the longest time ever, because of work, past relationships, stress, and the inability to handle stress.. And today, for the 1st time in a long time, I actually spoke from the bottom my heart, reminding myself what life is all about and how I would love to live life, all while trying to guide a lost friend of mine.. The guidance and support I gave to her was basically what I needed for myself, what I was looking for, and the answer was in me all these while.. I haven’t been so deep for so long, I’ve always been handling things on the surface, losing touch with my inner self.. But today, I’m finally me, after preping myself up yesterday while hanging out with sebas, and letting it all out today while hanging out with fi, bass, seoker and cin. Love you guys.. You guys bring out the true YK in me.. Now the only person missing is Jason.. haha.. When oh when will we all be free at the same time?

I’ve been cold and heartless for quite some time because of all the people I hang out with in camp.. They will mock and laugh at me if I ever have any deep thoughts, and all they think about is themselves and the image they portray to others. They just want to look cool and happenning. All very fake. I’ll be distancing myself from them from now, actually I already have for some time. It’s a good thing. I must not let them affect me.

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself today, it was like how I chilled with my pals while I was still in poly, except with the freedom of expenditure and travel. Even though I feel the re-bond is not quite there yet at first, but it’s almost there, at least towards the end of our chill. A few more chill sessions and I bet life will be back like it was before, a carefree 4-5 hours at the end of a long and tiring work day, unraveling to each other and pondering on the meanings of life and just being deep..

We got to do this again. More often in fact. And we need to come up with new ideas and places to chill! Suggestions?

And to a particular her.. Do think about what I smsed you.. ya?


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